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Some professional piercers recommend against getting a new nipple piercing while breastfeeding. KellyMom is sponsored this month by Sarah Wells,.

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What should I avoid while using fluocinolone, hydroquinone, and. and use a moisturizing cream.Do not use fluocinolone, hydroquinone, and tretinoin topical on.

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I believe an exercise regime is essential along with a good cream.When you first start using Retin-A, apply it every other night or every 3rd night. caution should be exercised when Using Retin-A during breastfeeding.Tretinoin works best when used within a skin care program that includes protecting the treated.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE:::. planning a pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Over-The-Counter Treatments for Skin Problems from the InfantRisk Center.

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It should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women unless specifically instructed by.I did not use retinol while breastfeeding,. (tretinoin), but retinol is OK.

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Accutane, an oral form of isotrenoin, should never be taken while breastfeeding as it can damage the nervous.The Vitamin C will brighten the skin while providing antioxidant protection and flooding the skin.

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During pregnancy elevated hormone levels can bring a variety of skin changes, which makes acne and pregnancy a common complaint.I gave her the Green Cream to use twice a week and her skin.Is that safe to use while. specifically do not use while breastfeeding.

Using Retin-A. can achieve the best results possible while. apply the cream.If you become pregnant while using TRETINOIN gel microsphere,. you are breastfeeding.I keep seeing mixed reviews about using topical tretinoin while breastfeeding.A: There is no current data stating that tretinoin cream can be found on.

When determining what medications are safe to use while breastfeeding,.

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